Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Obama: One down, one to go.

It's all over. Well almost.

One down, one to go.

Last night a major political party in the beacon of democracy for the world chose one of it's formerly downtrodden as it's candidate for what is still the most powerful office in the world. Said candidate will face off this fall in a battle that both aspirants have said will be civil and above board.

No, not the woman. The other one. The black man.

And in the face of a missed last second political half court heave, Hillary flipped open Karl Rove's playbook and sold her soul to a Republican. Whoops, I mean the devil. Reality Re-alignment. In her version it's only a real democratic process if she had won. My mother told me a long time ago that you don't change the rules in the middle of the game, that would be cheating. But that's all the Clinton campaign has been howling about doing since Super Tuesday. At first I was this doesn't matter, then I need it so put it back in (MI & FL). Then it was a matter of not counting these votes over these votes (caucuses vs. ballots). Now it's we should decide by popular vote, when she knew the delegate count would be what they went by when she started. The rules only started matter when it looked like she wasn't going to win.

Now, instead of bowing out with grace after being mathematically eliminated (true the Superdelegates can change their mind before the convention but what are the odds?) and asking how "we" can work together on this thing, she's loading up to cause enough issues to ensure the person that beat her doesn't win to general election.


I didn't watch her "And I'm telling you, I'm not going!" speech last night, but I understand she invoked messianic imagery, self serving democracy and the idea that without her some 18 million Democrats are somehow invisible. Sorry didn't see all of ya'll there. My mistake. Where did all you come from? One reporter invoked the imagery of people who looked angry enough to set small brushfires.


The way Hillary sounds right now, she's more likely to end up as McCain's VP nom than she will Obama's. I'm not sure McCain is foolish enough to do something like that, but anything is possible. Right now she is raw naked ambition and she's willing to tear down the church if she doesn't get to lead the prayer at the dais.

What happened to the good of the party? What happened to the will of the people? What about the other 18 million who didn't vote for her? Apparently these only matter if the it's in her favor.

She has exposed herself as yet another candidate who promised to unite rather than divide, yet when it comes down to it, in a moment of character faithfulness and truth to oneself, shows that's it's not really about all of's just about them.

And is that really presidential timber?

Barkeep, you got anything that will make all this go away?

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