Friday, June 20, 2008


I awake every morning
each day fresh
numbly yawning at the dawning
another daylong session of control
as struggle to keep
the tightest grip on my soul
I can feel the pressure behind my eyes
tapping on the windows
as I contain the all feelings inside
it takes a moment to become the facade
the one I've constructed
crafted and worked on so hard
the smiling face and understanding grin
Mr. No I'm good
one more time I become him
a quiet voice in the face of rage
with the coming of the sun
he steps out onto life's stage
and no one knows the inner me
shrouded well
where no one can accidentally see

I keep close at heart the secret truth
the loneliness, failures
the days and nights of wasted youth
support given and not to be returned
opportunities missed
romance spurned

because sad is lonely
and nobody I know wants to be alone

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tigress said...

I really enjoyed this.