Friday, August 2, 2013

And Now...We Wait.

Ramblings Post #228
Goals are bad, milestones are good. I've said this before and I'm saying it again, because I woke up Thursday morning a little confused as my purpose. I'd spent so much of the last thirty days getting ready for the big event, it took me a few minutes to realize that it was over and I needed to move on to what was next. As soon as I remembered exactly what that was...

Just Chilling.
Ah law school, the memories. One of the defining things about Law School, to me, was that wait to get grades. Sometimes as long as a month, the time allowed a prof to soak in the subtle nuances of your writing and understand what you were getting at, even if you failed to remember the exact terminology.  That it also meant the concept of passing or failing hung heavy over Christmas Break whilst you tried to yuletide your Holiday season was an inconvenience. That it also meant that grades came out after add/drop was merely an added bonus headache.

Alas, I have graduated, have the framed degree on my wall and that was to be no more!

Unless you count the Bar Exam.

My second passing through the gates into the dark rapids went a little smoother than the last. Although I'm sure I got at least two wrong that I had right, because I went back and changed the answer, I still feel better about this one. This time the writing was right up my alley and the questions didn't feel forced.

Now comes the hard part. The waiting. Months of feeling confident and alive only to one distant afternoon you'll have to find out if all your efforts have been worth it. And in my case, again. But you can't focus on it, like you can't worry about the questions you suddenly realize the answer to as you walk into the parking lot afterwards. That happens to every law student inevitably. No, you got to do what everyone does..."pretend you passed and keep it moving." I'm taking a minute to decompress, to do some house work...then I need to find a paying job. Maybe even get this law career going. Hopefully a judge somewhere needs a clerk. I need somewhere to be obsessive. I think better when I get to be obsessive a little bit each day. 

Barkeep! Ah, there you are. Bourbon with a splash of branch water on the rocks.

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