Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Welcome to Seattle, Georgia

Ramblings Post #231
And now, having re-taken the bar we start again on the last leg of this life transition: The starting point of a new career. It does not promise to be easy. Along with the usual methods of work search, I'm stepping outside the box on this one, trying to some stuff outside my comfort zone, mixing things up. It is said however, that if you like what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life. But if you enjoy work? 

There exists a scientific theory that occasionally the outer surface of the globe shifts, suddenly, so that things that were at the equator would end up near one of the poles and vice-versa. I think it's based on the findings of the last meal of a frozen mammoth in Siberia, but I'm not sure. That's one explanation...that or magic. Magic might explain how it happened. Magic makes a lot of sense when I think about it. Or just an outside chance that meteorology could shed some light. Like we're at the edge of the largest low pressure system in history. Or a monsoon trough shifted.

Because it is raining in Atlanta like we all believe it does in Seattle.

I've never been to Seattle so I don't actually know if the stories are true that it exists in a constant state of dampness, but this summer it has rained almost every day in Atlanta like one imagines it does in the great Northwest. Every single day. Drizzle, thunderstorm, downpour, something. It's a wonder my house hasn't slid off the hill into the street (note: I live on a hillside). The minimal topsoil which sustained the overgrowth I cut back when I moved in is long gone...probably somewhere down the street hooking up with a cheap crabgrass. The lot across the street the owner dutifully has cut once a month looks like a savannah in the midst of the two jungles sprouting from the adjacent untended lots, the broad leaves of whatever that is growing wild towering over it on either side.  At some point I'm going to have to rent that Extendable chainsaw from Home Depot and have them cut back tree growth, something I didn't think would have to happen for another two or three years.

And just so you know, rain messes up the vibe of a city like Atlanta. This a patio town - i.e., the party is on the patio! Or the deck - wood or rooftop. Or a festival. Or the park - bring your own chair and no glass please. This summer's weather, combined with age and these things called "children" my friends keep having have conspired to end all the cookouts, BBQs, hangouts and other shenanigans that keep you from re-grouting your tile or cleaning out your closets. Because if its raining... your options are limited and you end up at places where they have irritating things like "cover charges" and they ask you to pay for drinks. Sometimes you even have to put on long pants! Oh the horror!

Bad enough I've been out of the loop and am having to slide back in slowly, the loop is on pause until the city dries out. Bad enough the few times I've ventured out my graying hair and desire to hold a conversation (as opposed to live facebook the happening) have me taking the role of "old man in the club." Keep in mind that I'm not currently rich enough to play that role. And even if I was, the whole thing feels unclean. And the clubs for people my age are too many jurisdictions away. And it rains every day. Which is why I'm thinking of doing more video game reviews.

Oh, wait, is it raining again? Well it rained this morning around 2am and it has been a little over 12 hours. Feels like we're about due.

Barkeep. I need the driest drink you have. It's a symbolism thing.

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