Friday, August 23, 2013

Wait, they named who as the next Batman?

Ramblings Post #233
Sure we all thought that Daniel Craig would be a horrible Bond, because we had an image of Bond looked like and Craig wasn't it. And yes, we were wrong and pleasantly surprised when he turned out to be very, very good. And yes, it's true that after looking at the dailies of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, the studio head complained that Depp was ruining the movie. And yes, he was wrong because Jack Sparrow is a great cinematic character. And yes, we all were sure that the Micheal Keaton was going to horrible in the role, but were proved wrong. But then, this is Ben Affleck we're talking about. Ben Affleck!

The death of Thomas and Martha Wayne - the catalyst.
If Ben Affleck is the Batman we deserve, then we as a people to pause on reflect for a minute, because we have a lot to atone for. A whole lot.

We can all agree, after Argo, that Affleck is a damn fine director. We can also agree after Good Will Hunting, that the man can write a script. And I'm not sure, but I thought we all agreed after Daredevil and it's follow-up Elektra that it's best if he not play costumed superhero anymore. Sure he fills out the suit, but there is more to acting than looking like the hero. Didn't we have a big meeting about this? Remember, we got mad because the coffee wasn't Colombian? Remember? Mary got all confused and thought were asking Matt Damon to play Daredevil in the sequel? Why does no one remember this?

Now, if you want Affleck to direct the Batman/Superman movie, there is no problem. If you're suggesting he tweak the script a bit, sure. But as Batman? Whose idea was this? Do you know why Batman movies fail? Because you pick a guy to play Batman, and that means you're doing it wrong. To make a successful Batman movie, you pick a guy to play Bruce Wayne. The brooding, slightly demented, heroic man who dresses up like a giant bat because his parents were killed by criminals. That's why they picked Keaton, remember? And if you think Ben has the chops to play Bruce Wayne, then we might just need a brand new producer as well.

Next thing you know, they'll want DMX to play the Joker. 

Barkeep. Seriously, I got this idea for a James Bond movie, but where James Bond is old so we can try to talk Sean Connery into playing him again. Less shoot-outs, more where Bond is a thinking man's secret agent. What? You just serve drinks...I see.

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