Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 2

Notes from the Law Desert - Part 2
When you join one of the historically black fraternal organizations, the process is called "Crossing the Burning Sands." It's supposed to mean this journey represents your commitment. Getting ready for the Bar is like that...only for law.

I'm about to have to start forcing myself to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I mean like 10 pm or something, maybe even 9:30 pm.. This staying up and reading one more thing is getting chronic. I need to stop it. My body clock is off right now. Time for a reset.

And man I want a bowl of cereal, like so bad. But it's not on the diet. I'm gonna get some cereal. No. Maybe. If I do okay on this practice test. Wait, I'm not a dog, why am I rewarding myself with food? If I'm aware of that...does it make it okay?

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