Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crossing the Law Desert

Ramblings Post #213
There isn't anything slick or witty here. My brain isn't cooperating right now. It's got other things it's working on. And I'm a little tired. I'm worried about peaking too soon - learning stuff I'll forget later, AND worried about not getting enough info into my head in time. Now this is a balancing act.


That's what I've been doing. Other than the occasional drink out - Spanky got a new second job bartending and I went to support - and the occasional video game at the end of the day my life has boiled down to wake up, eat, and study. And sleep and repeat.

Oh the excitement.

Sporty has started sending me nice watches, so I'll have the proper accessories to go with my suits once I start practicing.

Right now I try to do one non-law thing a day, because next month there will probably be no non-law related things a day for a while. Ramp up, get at it.

The end of February approaches. I ready my armor. 

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