Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I learned 2012

I even had the tickets! Okay, last year I promised myself I would go out this year, but a year ago I was still on plan A and was going to have been practicing law by now.  Right now I'm on plan B and will be practicing law in a few months. So my impetus behind celebrating the new year was a little weaker than anticipated. So, this again, no party in a ball room, no suite, no midnight champagne toasts, or even a New Year's kiss, just sitting on the couch sending out texts to friends wishing them a great 2013. Lame, I know...but you have keep your eye on the prize.

And my current prize is the bar in late February. Then, onto the next step. Each part in it's place.

As I've explained before, I don't really make resolutions, because it's only mid-afternoon on January 1 and I'm fairly certain one or two of them would already have been broken. Instead, I discuss what I learned. Some of these I will internalize forever, some lessons will soon be as familiar as high school French.

Again, for legal purposes this time, my apologies to Esquire magazine. Think of it as me warming up for you, because it's coming...and you will call. 

Just because things don't happen the way you planned them, doesn't mean they aren't going to happen.

Work is underrated.

I need people in my life. Friends, enemies, family, because being alone is hard.

If you can't make a choice, flip a coin. How it comes down is unimportant, because what you hoped it would land on while it was in the air is your choice.

Its the regaining your footsteps after you've faltered that is the hardest.  

Love finds a way. Maybe not a big dramatic way, but a way.

Sometimes, you just need bacon. 

Know your own demons. And know the situations that cause them to show up.

If you're scared, take a hop of faith first and see how it feels. Then make the leap.

Thinking about writing is different than actually writing. It doesn't count if it doesn't actually make it to the page.

A good couch. You have to have a good couch.

Everybody has something different that sets them off, because everyone's story is different. Sometimes your fix, or even casual comment can open up a can of worms. Don't take it personal.

Things keep coming back. Things you forgot you did tend to crop up again when you least expect it, so be careful what you do.

Sometimes, you just have to put on a good show. No need for everyone to be upset.

Life is better with somebody.

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