Sunday, September 30, 2012

FAMU v. Whoever it was Weekend (Made it!)

Ramblings Post #202
There are a number of ugly truths. We don't like to confront them because they make life hard, making us realize that we have flaws. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. I like to think that being able to admit the ugly truths and deal with them is what makes the difference. 

I don't like pictures of me. I don't like them because they have an odd tendency to shatter the mental image I have of how I think I present myself. I often envision myself as a sort of down market Denzel. Seriously. In reality I look more like the uncle at the family reunion who talks too loud about the wrong things and just annoys everybody.  In short, I don't like pictures of me because the damn things look just like me.

So I got out of the house. After a week getting over whatever it was I had - I went ahead and slid down to the Georgia Dome to catch the Alma mater play. The Alma mater lost.  Not that anybody noticed.  Let me start again.

I went to college with Spanky, and when the circus comes to town she's all about the hangout. So when she called Saturday morning and asked was I going and if I was going did I want her "extra" ticket it just kinda fell into place.
Biz Markie on the ones and twos.

I met her at the tailgate. No, that's wrong, because at a tailgate Coors wouldn't have had a pavilion. And a stage with Dougie Fresh performing, and Biz Markie on the turntables. So I got the hookup and got into where the free food and drinks were being tossed out. And as it turns out, Spanky's "extra" ticket was for club level. So the day is looking up.
This was club level...and this is not a crowd.
So we go to the game. Me and Spanky's cousin get a couple of drinks and pal around for a while, then lo and behold Spanky hits me up and next thing you know we're in a Super Suite. As I've mentioned before, Spanky is a VIP diva. But who am I to argue with an upgrade.

It is at this point I get my first view of the whole stadium, and quickly come to realize just how important the band is to FAMU.  The university is able to get premium venues - Georgia Dome, Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Ford Field in Detroit - because Rattlers fill a room. And apparently they fill the room because the band does its magic. I say this because the band wasn't there and the Dome was empty. We did not turn out. I don't have the heart to post the picture.

Somebody took some pictures of me. Somebody pasted them on FB.

Two things I realize now. Although I am in better shape than I was, I'm not any appreciable shape at all. The standing and walking of Saturday has my legs burning today. My back hurts and I am shuffling about like an old man...which I kinda am. So it's time to hit the gym. And two, I have been putting off going back on my diet strong for various, usually silly reasons, - I want biscuits, I haven't had that in a while, I deserve some ribs today! -  but looking at the picture of me indicates I've put off going back too long. Way too long.

So, we begin again. It will not be easy...but it will be good.

Barkeep. I'm gonna need sixty ounces of water to start, and a fresh orange. 

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