Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not again: Cowboys edition

Ramblings Post #203
One has to have faith in those institutions you believe in. We cannot discard them simply because they have become inconvenient or uncomfortable for the moment. Loyalty. Or else you just look like a whiny little "they suck" band wagon jumping .....um, cough, er. Loyalty.

I like many other Cowboy fans always enter the season with high hopes. I have defended Tony Romo on many occasions, noting his effectiveness and ability to make plays, saying his mistakes mostly happen because he tries too hard. They had a good start this season, two promising wins, and so I watched the game last night feeling good.

I am currently looking into if it is possible to file charges against Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboy Organization for "intentional infliction of emotional distress."


We'll strap it back up. Get up, dust ourselves off. After all, Peyton Manning had a terrible game earlier this season, but nobody's written him off. Tony will will bounce back.

Cowboys, win lose or draw.

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