Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm Staying in My Lane

Ramblings Post #180
I have a bad case of senior-itis. I'm working through it, going to class, getting into my homework and the readings, trading notes and dropping by the library so I'm not in the house staring at the walls. But I'm just so ready for what comes next. I'm ready, but I'm also filled with trepidation that might not be good enough. Which means I'll just keep trying to be good enough, until I feel good enough. At which point, I may be too good. See? Logic.

I was reading through...okay, looking through some tumblr blogs...well, tumblr galleries if you want to be nice, and I realized this blog would be a whole lot simpler if all did was post pictures and make the occasional comment. If the pictures were of naked women, this joint might even be popular.

I'm just saying.

Picture sourced from the internet. I guess.
Yes, that is Abe Lincoln. On a Grizzly Bear. I don't know why.

This picture is wholly unrelated to anything at all in this post. Or really anything I can think of. But if I had another kind of blog, I would have posted it and not even thought about it. Maybe I am getting old, because I can't see myself doing this, posting pictures I think are cool, and calling it "my blog". I don't get it. Not there is anything wrong with it per se, but I just don't see it for me.

I started this blog as a mental outlet, my own little showcase of my storytelling ability that would go around the world and be heard by someone out there. Somewhere. To tell some jokes, relate some stories, maybe leave some kind of mark that I was here. This was supposed to get snarky over time, become popular and showcase me as I imagined myself to be. Swinging through the Atlanta nightlife and barking up the wrong trees. Then life happened. And this became a way to "scream into the electronic darkness" because I didn't have anything else. So popular really wasn't the plan.

Now, I'm the verge of a degree I wasn't sure I wanted until now, starting a brand new career from scratch in a time when most people just want a job. This is now is me almost talking to myself, reminding me what my plans are, where I want to be.

Or...I could post funny pictures.

I think I still have some story to tell. More words to write. And I don't know if easy would get that story right. Might have to be a little difficult to make sure I did it right.

Barkeep. The brown. Because this lane is okay.

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