Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tne New Groove

Ramblings Post #156
You got to have a plan. Even if you don't stick to it, you have to have a plan. It is the metaphorical picking a direction and heading out instead of just wandering to wherever fate and the winds take you. Even if it's just a few parts sketched out, as long as it contains the basics -where you are, where you going, and the realization it's some distance - you're good. It needs to be flexible, becomes things change, but resolute to a great degree, because it's far too easy to give up...and just pretend you made every effort. You got to have a plan. And a towel.

What I envisioned for this next part is straight out of the movies. The rising at 6am, heading to the gym then home for breakfast. Dashing to campus to spend my days flitting between the library, various student organizations and the career center. Body sleek, mind honed to a razor's edge, rested and prepared for classes for which I've read the material enough to recite it from memory.

Then again, considering the demands of my SECOND tax class (yeah, I know, brilliant idea) that reciting from memory part might not be that far fetched.

What's really going to happen will be a lot less pretty. I've already found out the parking situation on campus borders on surrealistic tragic comedy, so one idea may already be dead. Funny, now that I write that, I suddenly remember my undergrad Alma Mater having similar issues, with parking problems that NASA and Watson would have been hard pressed to find solutions for. Here its an urban campus, with school structures next door to office buildings, and no verdant lawn of green to act as a hedge against the vast swathes of uneducated masses...or something like that. This promises to be fun.

I'll be in and out, I see that now. Or there will be days I go and stay from 8am - if I can sneak a park close - and don't leave until 9pm when my last class is over. Or I'll break down and ride Marta, which for your information on the urban side ISN'T imbued with the nice secure parking structure that exist up north. I'll be packing lunch and dinner and looking for the quiet spot in the library. The ladies in the career center will either come to love me or begin to hurriedly jump up to lock the door when I turn the corner. It's going to be a mix of ardent study followed by periods where I have to force myself to read, carefully structured reading and research along with periods where I'm winging it because I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing.

It's going to be very real.

What I don't want is become the hermit student. It's all too easy to read the cases, do the write ups and stay home, avoiding the traffic and worse on campus. I resigned so I can do now, let's do this.

I think I need a hug.

Barkeep. A jagermister and the five hour energy.

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