Friday, January 1, 2010

What I learned 2009

A lot of folks start the new year with resolutions, personal promises to do that or accomplish this, but because of little things like oh, say.... life, bills, and the spin class starting at 5am it usually ends up in the "well that wasn't such a good idea anyway" category. Instead, because I know I mean well, but don't always follow through - loser - I stop and take a moment to reflect on life's lessons for the past 12 months. The wise know that we're learning all the time, every day a new lesson, every week a new test, every month a new Spring Break. Some things we have to re-learn because cynicism has beaten it out of us, others are ideas we finally comes to grips with after hanging on to outdated thinking way too long, and some are revelations on the order of finding out you really can deep fry a Twinkie or a little something on a alluring body actually is better than naked.


In any case, all of us learned something this year. And if we're smart, we use that bit of knowledge and make our own personal little worlds a little better. Or, if we're not that smart, we'll re-learn it next year and act all surprised for no reason.

Second chances are worth their weight in platinum. Priceless really.
-- the trick is to not do the same thing with the second chance you did with the first

When you don't play the hand God gave you, don't wonder where all your chips went.

Real true love never goes away. I learn that every year.
-- You can suppress love, hide it, deny it. But it's still there.

Achieving your goal is a brief and temporary condition, so learn to appreciate the getting there, which usually takes much longer.
-- Win. Celebrate. Start getting ready for next game. - Old southern football saying

When you think you're good enough, you need to still try harder.
-- because if you got it, you can get even more

Self improvement doesn't happen overnight, it comes in small increments that build mountains.
-- One push-up. Two push-up. Three push-up. Day by day to a hundred push-ups.

Everyone is important in someway.

The camera really adds 10 pounds to your appearance. Which is your actual weight, and not what you thought you it was.

A good mirror can make you feel better about yourself, or spur you start working on things. Either way, it takes the surprise out of photographs.
-- Yes, that really is you in that photographs. It was me too, and buddy I wasn't happy.

Reading really is fundamental
-- This was relearned. Again. Again.

Life is too long to try to keep cutting corners.
-- Most of us will be here a while. We need to take our time and make it quality

Cultivate small pleasures
-- They're great little kicks for good times, and they make bad times more bearable

Try to do one thing on your "bucket list" every year. And then add something else.
-- well, first you need to have a bucket do that too

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