Monday, January 4, 2010

And like that, it was done...

Ramblings Post #79
We have to remember that milestones are just that...milestones. They are rarely the goal, and if they are they are but stops for a moment to get our bearings for the next. And because the walk is usually so much longer than the rest, we might think about learning to enjoy the journey between life's milestones. But then I just think I said that better in the stuff I learned last year, so this year's first note should wear clean underwear. Yeah!

Another weekend with no classes and nothing to study passes, well, not really, but I'm gonna ride this pony as long as it will let me. I've been on the upswing for the past few days and hopefully I can max out before the inevitable dip that follows shows up and drinks all the beer. A fast recap...

Pre - NYE..

The day before New Years and Sporty calls. She's so excited she's out of breath. We'd talked a couple of days before when she'd dutifully reported it was snowing in Dallas, and I suggested she go outside and try to catch a snowflake on her tongue. In case you don't know, each snowflake is a blessing, but only if you catch it on your tongue. Well, she did and two days later a recruiter calls her and after three hours on the phone she's launching her new career! Disclaimer - Snowflake blessings only work if the story is told to you by someone who loves you...and you just happen to be perfectly qualified for the career in question.

It's not completely perfect, as she's gonna have to get to DC to make it all work but we'll manage. Note how I made that "we"... I so special. I hit her up with a list the next day of concepts just so she doesn't get her expectations out of proportions. She's an optimist to the core and occasionally needs a bit of grounding in reality, but she's gonna be fine. Her start date is the 25th, so she's got to get cracking.

So that's working itself out.


New Year's itself was a bit of bust. Not my worst by a long shot, but not one of my stellar performances either. My RP and I have started to eschew the big parties - like the one at the Crown Ravina with the seven ballrooms - and go for smaller fare. This year it was a small function on the Southside. Which was to take place at this swank crib sitting on acreage. I mean the house was so fly, it had a pool on the second floor. Upscale.

I break out around 9:30 so I can get there and be cool and all is well until I make that last left, about a hundred or so yards from the subdivision. Because there is a road closed sign. I go past that to second sign and give up at the third. I end up catching my RP on the road and take the thirty minute detour (none of the damn roads connect) and when we finally reach the house, there is no telling how many folks got to that road closed sign and just turned around. So the party never really takes off. Except for the drunk chick in the corner who puts on the strip show around 1am.

Further, because of complications, I end up driving my RP home and don't make it back to my crib until 5am.

Post NYE...

So Friday...I chilled.

Saturday night is a hot little card party at this brother's house who knows everybody. And I don't mean like my RP knows everybody in Atlanta, I mean like he's got photos of himself with Presidents and Senators lining the crib - while we're in his living room screaming at each other about the rules of a ghetto card game called Tunc (a modified four handed version of gin rummy). It was to say by an understatement, a vast contrast. My brother accompanied me out and had a good time as he ran into some guys he knew from our hometown (small world!) and ended up talking to them about old times. Sometimes you just need moments like that...

Sunday was my RP's last football/card party gathering, as he has to go back to work hard on Monday after a lax few weeks. We watched the Falcons game and as it was men vs. the women in the various card games, we all took much heart in the many victories of the men. Using what I consider the ultimate karaoke machine in his living room - a complete DJ setup - my RP kept announcing victories and losses to the whole house as the afternoon went on. The women were not amused. I saw more than a few folks I hadn't seen in a minute, and now, as the new year looms...I can go forward knowing I still got it.

As what "it" actually is...I have no idea.

I also know that the Cowboys kicked the daylights out of the Eagles.

Barkeep...just the orange and cranberry, I stopped drinking December 31.

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