Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle of Life

Ramblings Post #80 Life happens. Even when we don't want it too, when we'd much rather stop it to get a breather or skip ahead to find out what we want to know, life as we know it pretty much plods along. Why doesn't life come with a fast forward, a rewind and a pause. And a laugh track. But it doesn't. So life happens and we are forced to live it. There was a point to this, but I forgot.

I've been remiss in updating the words that go here. I have the common excuses - work, school, sleep, studying, football, laziness, etc..

At work after getting hammered with way too many issues I went back the looked at the data and I'm starting to believe I'm the only one plucking any damn chickens up this piece! Anyway, I think I may have uncovered an issue which only joyously means more work. At a job I'm trying to get out of. So go figure.

School is well, school. I got two new professors, one of which looks and acts like the little brother of Tim Gunn (Project Runway) and the other who looks like a mom you just know used to have a wild side right up until the kids showed up. The other prof is the same I had last semester, a man as passionate about the law as I've ever seen. I needed an elective, and figured that since I knew his teaching style, already had the book and had a rough idea of what his final would look like, I would have an edge going in. And I'm going to to need it since Gunn Jr and Mommy lawyer both teach at light speed and have already said it will be take home exams for their courses, which means everything but the kitchen sink will be on those finals. And maybe the kitchen sink too.

Oh what a fun semester this promises to be.

I've been fairly faithful the my push-up regime lately. A buddy of mine who is a trainer suggested I start with one push-up, and everyday add another until I get to one hundred. I can do fifty now, but motivation eludes me some days and I end up talking to God from the floor asking him why about a lot of esoteric of which is her.

I've been praying that Sporty gets the go ahead for this jobbie job. The only thing left is the security clearance and she had to submit some more information, so all we can do at this point is wait. Which is nerve racking for me...and I know it has to be even worse for her. I'm so tempted to tell her to start applying to some other spots, to not stop running because the cheese appears to be right there, but I don't want to break the magic of possiblity. Her with hope feels so right.

Is that wrong?

I think Spanky is finally growing up, or had an epiphany or something after some fairly cryptic "people I've hurt" lines on her facebook page and a sudden trip to see family. She and I dont' talk like we used to, but then I think she's still mad at me about going back to school. That or she's still mad at me about the Christmas party.

She can be mad. Does she know how much school costs?

Schmoopy is back in town, and I need to figure out the supremely late Christmas gift after she remembered me. Apparently Crocodile Dundee lost his knife in Africa and the little one scooped it for me. That and she's gone vegetarian for the month of January which makes our drop in brunches interesting to say the least.

That's not a knife, this is a knife!

The Cowboys lost, much to the joy of the Anti-Cowboy loyalists. Those are the people who hate the Cowboys so much they know the team almost better than the fans, you know, the ones whose two favorite teams are they're local team or the squad from where they grew up...and WHOEVER is playing the Cowboys. I blame the loss on coaching frankly. Had Jason Garrett made the adjustments - ie, pulling it back to Max Protect after the second fumble until they could figure out a decent blocking scheme - they would have had a shot. Instead, a quarterback constantly waiting for the hit is a bad QB. Jeez, you could have figured this out on Madden.

The last few weeks have been draining, and every day it seems like the path I'm plodding on gets a little hazier. Getting back into the swing of things, the rhythm of class and work has been harder than I remember. But it seems like now I'm coming up on halfway there...


Barkeep. Did you know that orange and cranberry juice are great without the vodka? Really...

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it was good seeing you my friend...and yes i still read the blog.