Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cowboys Give Me Strength

This is a Sports Post
And if you ain't figured that out by now, I'm gonna pray for you.

I am, and have been since I was 5 years old (or maybe even earlier), a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Seriously, my family will call and check on me when the Cowboys lose too badly. Boo and Hiss all you like, but I've been with the Cowboys through Danny White, a one win season, the firing of Jimmy, and every other way professional football haters, Joe Gibbs and commie spies have tried to destroy one of the greatest teams ever to suit up and play the game.

So last night when I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a thousand touchdown passes had been dropped, I got up and turned to SportsCenter to see what had happened.

They cut Terrell Owens? Wait, What?

At first I was struck with disbelief. The Cowboys have just released him, just like that? Did anyone tell Jerry? I mean, Jerry surely would have gotten some value - traded him for some picks, a couple of DBs, a plasma screen TV, a bag of footballs, a box of doughnuts, something? I mean this is Jerry freakin' Jones, the deal maker! Jerry is who the other owners want to be when they grow up. Wait, Jerry told him that he was cut personally? Is this really happening?

What does a future Hall of Famer, whose acting out is basically just him really really wanting to win, do to be cut and have the team willing to take a MAJOR cap hit to get it done? Was TO tapping Mrs. Jones? I can't really see a reason other than that for letting his ass go. I mean if you make it to the pros, you can take isht talk in the locker room, so I would think he could only be so divisive. These are grown men for crying out loud.

At lunch, I wasn't surprised to find ESPN was basically The Cowboys have Cut Terrell Owens Story with commercial breaks for other sports news. I think they interviewed everybody on staff including the overnight cleaning crew as to what effect this would have on every aspect of football. I kept waiting for news on a statement from the White House about the crisis in Dallas. I think they reported that ego futures had fallen on Nikkei in Hong Kong, and the global economy might not survive another such shock.

The truth of the matter is we will know shortly is if Romo really is any good.
And if the running game is all we think it is.
And if Jason Garrett is worth a damn as an offensive coordinator.

The new Texas Stadium. Apparently Jerry is trying to go in Hoodoo free.

A great receiver, even one who drops a lot of passes can hide a whole lot of problems and deficiencies just by being a threat. With TO, the 'boys were in control of their own fate until about 3 mins into the last game of the season. Without him? I dunno.

I mean let's be real. You can love who you want to, but everybody on your team wishes they played for the Cowboys. Ask'em.

Barkeep. I think I'll have my one drink now. I mean what the fuck?

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