Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sad Valentine

I want to hold her hand when we walk together.

I want to laugh with her over private jokes.

I want to curl up on the couch on a lazy weekend, and just enjoy each other's air.

I want to be her confidant.

I want to have intellectual conversations that make me pause with thought.

I want to hesitate when I first see her when she's dressed up.

I want to be inspired by her to better myself.

I want to be comfortable and nervous around her at the same time.

I want to wrestle in the playful way couples tease.

I want to fuck. Not make love, but fuck with a reckless abandonment that leaves our souls dirty.

I want to make love for hours, slow and sweet to sounds of jazz and love songs.

I want to bring her medicine when she's sick.

I want to watch her sleep.

I want to have her rub my head, run her nails down my back.

I want to be kissed by her.

I want to support her dreams, share in her triumph.

I want to comfort her in times of sorrow.

I want to finish each other’s thoughts.

I want to cook for her, her favorite dish.

I want to rub her feet.

I want to just be...with her.



Anonymous said...

Why is it kind and passionate when a guy says something like this but weak and unacceptable for a woman to make the same comments about a man? Me...the feminist is asking these questions...I feel these things for someone but am afraid to let them know...

Wysim said...

I read your post and I am sadden but I need to know did you publish a resume that include course work in set time, BBQ 1-4 and other such activities. If so please drop me a note. Hyde

Anonymous said...
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