Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Weekend - Long thoughts

It's been a long slow weekend.

It's Valentine's Weekend which I've grown to hate.
Some money that's supposed to be here ain't here.
Job is starting to grind on me (four years on , five days off - you do the math)
I haven't had a drink in weeks.
Oh, and somebody walked up on a friend of mine and put nine bullets in him.

It's things like that that put stuff in prospective. I moved into a sketchy neighborhood figuring the worst thing that would happen is I get robbed a few times before things get right. What's a few possessions in the grand scheme of things? He was doing the same, came home a few nights ago after stopping to get a beer and that was it. He's a middle aged lawyer, not some hustler. I could have been anyone of us.

I went and saw him in ICU Friday night for as long as they let me, and it was somber moment to say the least. He was talking, and coherent, it wasn't movie dramatic mind you, but still. But for a teenage boys' decision that could have been I.

I think about a lot of things. As I've gotten older, those little aches and pains I shrug off gain new import, and looking at all I still hope to accomplish, stay have to say to the people I care about, you realize you may not have that forever you thought you had.

Long thoughts. You know.

Barkeep. Ice water. That's all.

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