Friday, January 18, 2008

A Quick Restaurant Review - Tap

So last night Sporty hits me on the text and says she wants to get a drink. I'm not drinking, but I can always watch someone enjoy. So I flipped through the old mental rolodex of places we've been meaning to go, and picked the new gastropub Tap out of the air. We met up at around 6:30.

How do you describe this joint?

Tap is...well, something. It's a crowded little space on the corner of 14th and Peachtree in the lobby of the apply named 1180 Peachtree, the building in midtown with the wings on top. It's dark. The bartenders were friendly. They had a crowd on a slow Thursday. It's a really nice building, the building Tap is in. Real nice. Wings.

I'm really trying to be positive here.

First, this is the second spot I've been to this month that did not serve sweet tea. Quite frankly, I'm appalled at the ego it takes to do that in Atlanta. The was the first bad step. And it's a really small space, which means everyone is on top of the next person, which might work in the north which where you had to be from to think of this as a) a spot to stick a pub and b) to leave sweet tea off the menu. But never mind, as long as the food is good.

Um. They put the burger on a English muffin. Sporty was about to go athletize so she was carb loading, and she took the bartender's advice and got the burger with the shoestring fries. I got the Cuban. How was the food you ask? At the end of the meal, I gave Sporty a few bucks so she could stop by McDonalds on the way home. A burger on an english muffin may sound like a creative gastronomic variation, upmarket and all that, but in practice...not so much. She basically had a hamburger steak. My cuban was extra dry, and the slaw was still in the cup when I threw my napkin over the plate.

We will now address the fries. The shoestring fries get a separate mention, as for the first time the hostess literally stopped us and apologized for the fries as we left. I've had shoestring fries. Good shoestring fries. These were not they. They were fried too hard, so they were like potato sticks, which means you couldn't get at them with a fork, you couldn't pull them apart with your fingers, you couldn't them. The hostess said the chef had just come back off vacation. She promised us they were working on it.

Sporty wanted to go out for drink because she is disgusted with recent changes to her job and wanted to talk. We work at the same place and lately it's been getting rougher to work in her area. Someone just left, so they're down a person. But management doesn't want to hire anyone and says they're fine, then if someone wants time off they claim they're short of staff. They apparently want it both ways. Either way she's now looking for a new gig. Which is fucked up plus - first she got a man, then she's leaving the job. I'm still working thorough the guy shit, and if she quits I'm not sure I'd stay here much longer.

So the night started out on a down note, and the restaurant didn't exactly help.

Now if you want to drink, Tap might be the spot for you. It's very Abercrombie and Fitch (including the couple in their 30's across from us in matching sweaters!) but the bar has a full selection, with a few things you don't normally see on draft, and for the first time in Atlanta that I've seen, Wine taps! It's cozy, parking is complimentary, but it does get loud. If I had been drinking, this might have been okay.

Barkeep...Sweet Damn Tea. Well send down the street for some then!

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