Monday, January 14, 2008

2007 Football Rant #2

Now that the season is over...yeah, it's over the Cowboys are no longer playing to whatever happens after this point is moot in my personal opinion... I feel a need to comment on the state of the NFL as whole.

Not bad.

Fairly concise assessment, eh? The vast majority of the teams are in parity, even those at the top end of the spectrum have to struggle occasionally, and so the mantra "on any given Sunday any team could beat any other team" is still valid. Which is what makes pro football so much better than college. Yeah, I said it. And you don't know how many rabid college football fans I know.

I will try not to comment on the debacle that was the Bowl Championship Series this year. A series of over hyped games with mismatched opponents that turned into laffers early. After these "premium" teams failed to live up to their softball schedules, it turned into a round robin grab bag for bowl selection, which lead to well...what you saw. By contrast the NFL playoffs have been exciting down to the last few minute contests for two weeks now. Good old fashioned football. Why Green Bay even gave us a game in the snow, a throwback in this day and age.

The chick I hit on at the Playoff Party...I think she was pregnant. She was sitting down when I started talking to her, but when she stood up, I'm like WTF? Like two or three months, just barely showing, don't get it twisted. That was a total tangent, forget I said anything.

As I watched TO get emotional about losing, and I was ready to turn my phone off to avoid having to discuss this with the Cowboy haters (my brother, old girl in Jacksonville, etc), I thought stoically that it wasn't the end of the world. We'd suit up again next season, without Jacques Reeves at corner and put a lock on just as early next year as we did this year. And the year after that we get the new Texas Stadium...ahhh...

And in the off season, Tom Brady and Bill Belichek would get busted picking up a transsexual transvestite.

Man can dream.

Barkeep. Chivas Regal. with just a drop of branch water.

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