Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Quick Restaurant Review - STATS

For our first outing in the new year, Sporty and I hit a little sports bar down near the dome called STATS. I type it in all caps cause damned if that's not how they spell it. It's around the corner from Lucky's and boasts 70 something flat screens so it's like ESPNzone without the branding, or when we got there, the service. When I called to see how it was gonna be they didn't even answer the phone at first, I got a recording, which should have been my first indicator. But looking at the online menu I figured Sporty could piece together a no-carb meal no problem.

The spot is nice, all clubby booths, metal girders and subdued lighting. They've got what looks like a lounge and stuff downstairs, and it's all corners and niches. The staff is in track jackets, so don't wear an Adidas sweat suit unless you want to get asked if you could bring some extra napkins. We got up from the bar to get a table, but looking back we should have stayed at the bar. Our server emerged only after somebody else had gotten our drink order and our food order and the food had shown up at the table. But this did mean a mix-up somewhere cause I think Sporty ended getting her fruit juice for free.

She got a salad...which I'm still marveling over, and I got the ribs. Normally her steak would be bigger than mine, but she's feeling out of shape (I have no idea why cause she looks great) and is back in the gym. I'm not that far behind her, I stopped walking cause it got cold but I got to get back out there. It's starting to look like I might get back to a six pack! (swear to gawd). Okay, maybe not a six, but I'm way way from where I started.

Back to the restaurant. My other jibe about STATS is that they don't have sweet tea. It's a staple of the south, and maybe that pesky extra step of pour sugar into the fresh brewed tea is too hard, but I know I can't be the first person to ask for it. Other than the service and tea, the food was good. Sporty's salad was huge, and the ribs were sticky and tender. She actually got a to go box for the salad.

On a personal note it's almost like we picked up right were we left off two months ago. We just about back in sync, something we'd both complain about if we hadn't hung out a while. It felt good.

Live in the moment.

Parking for STATS is funny, as there is no lot. You have to park in the garage for the hotel they're building across the street, and they've got those electronic ticket takers like at Atlantic Station. But the restaurant does validate. All in all a good trip. But it wasn't just the food.

Barkeep. Sweet Tea. yeah, sweet damn tea.

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Kai said...

Ohhh one main thing I miss from my time in The South, Sweet Tea. In DC they would look at me funny and here in Ghana...well I haven't even bothered to ask.

I never understood restaurants in Atlanta that didn't serve sweet tea...the horrors.