Friday, January 4, 2008

One many more to go?

Well it's true.

Oprah is magic.

Barak Obama's win the Iowa Caucasus, in which he beat his opponents not across the complete demographic spectrum, beating back the superbly coiffed John Edwards and Hillary "Yes I am evil but I'm on your side" Clinton, speaks of the nations need for change, the issues we have with the status quo, and that yes, one black woman in Chicago really is that powerful.

Okay there were many factors, including the dance-a-thon nature of the actual Democratic Iowa Caucuses (they really do get up and walk over to a sign saying we support this guy, no secret ballot), the weather and fact that it was the week of New Years. I quite frankly would have asked can't we do this in like a few weeks. But they played it anyway and Obama won in nearly every income bracket, and all the damn interest groups. He now takes the lead in New Hampshire, an enviable position.

But half the voters in New Hampshire signed their ballots independents. And the venerable Mr. Clinton lost Iowa the first time he came through, but managed to get a seat in the Oval office. So what's really out there?

Possibly a black president.

There I said it. There are those who say he's not really black, as he's mixed. That because his father was African, as in not of slaves, he's not really black. And I say what everybody else says, if he and I take a road trip to Mississippi and stop in the wrong spot, I don't think they'll check for bonafides as they haul out the rope and setup the portable tree. But then he doesn't need to be black. Oprah likes him. And that's enough for America. Look at Iowa.

The question Obama's people need to look at though, is how popular is Oprah in New Hampshire?

Barkeep...Evan Williams in a dirty glass.

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