Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Reading is fundamental. Pictures are a bonus.

Ramblings Post #299
I had a great comic book collection. I have the remnants of one now. It is my understanding that after I went away to college, that when my younger brother needed money, he would sell MY comics to one of the neighbors, because that's how life works. Now, decades later, yes, I could probably have paid off a student loan or a mortgage with my early foraging, but that just puts me right along with the other million former collectors foiled by fate. Or family.

It just looks Comic Booky! (Note this is a Tuesday, the day BEFORE new comic book day)
I made my first trip to the comic book store in, oh my god, has it been years? I can't remember the last time I walked into the my usual spot, the venerable and always interesting Oxford Comics on Piedmont. Packed to the gills with variations on a theme, it includes not only books but board games, figurines, T-shirts, cards, DVDs and just all kinds of comic stuff. On a good day it is quiet like a library, as people speak in hush tones as they peruse the art and evaluate the offered story lines of this month's issues. At it's worst it's kids yelling, bored girlfriends and people who don't understand the concept of "inside voices."

But I loves it. 

Even though a number of people might disdain comic books, they are still reading. It takes a very good artist to be able to tell a story without words. It would be like shooting a modern silent film. When I was younger, um, no, when I was younger than I am now, but old enough to understand how the world worked I created my own comic, using anthropomorphic characters based on team mascots, but with a story line more akin to modern day spy movies. I allowed me to delve into something I still enjoy - World Building - but I soon suffered

But I digress. Comic book store. NEW COMICS!!!

Well, actually no, it was Tuesday and new comic day is Wednesday, so, NEW TO ME COMICS!!! Which was awkward as I leafed through a Spiderman comic, where when I left off he trapped in Doc Ock's body and dying...and now he's married to MJ again with a almost teenage daughter on BattleWorld....that new Marvel sweeping I didn't get a new Spidey. And Deadpool looks like a swashbuckling pirate? And, um, I realize we're trying to diversify our heroes, but let's try inventing some new ones and not just swapping out the ones we have, kicking existing fans in the teeth and all that. I'm looking at you Hulk. And Chew, which has some eye catching art and a really weird story would have required god knows how many back issues to catch up. Where is the trade paperback?

I ended up grabbing a few titles, including the almost always oddly topical and completely fathomable Groo, which I haven't read in ages. I'm not in a position yet to return to my old habit of a twice monthly run through, but it is one of my goals. Although I read all day at my gig, I still come home a read, and write, until my eyes can't stay open. Through it all, for as long as I've been in Atlanta, Oxford has been there. Chock full of words.

Hold one of those front parking spaces open for me!

Barkeep. A bowl of cereal...don't look at me like that.

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Big D said...

I do like having a good poke about in a oomic shop. Normally I end up with a fistful of stuff based purely on how cool I thought the covers were.

PS. Every comic reader on the planet wishes he'd hung on to his old collection. Sad but true.