Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It is what it is....

Ramblings Post #300
The important part of the journey, is that you start. You might not ever end up where you intended, but you have to start. So much of history has been lost, because we've hesitated, we've waited, we've failed to just start the journey. It need to be a grand dramatic gesture, but the effort needs to be made, the momentum begun. Start the journey. You can always change the destination.

I've been busy for the past few weeks. I'm a Document Review/Project Attorney for now, a sort of new age cowboy moving around as needed handling projects and breaking hearts, then riding off into the sunset. Okay, not really, no heart breaking, but I have seen more than a few sunsets and I am getting this new career moving, even if I'm fairly certain this isn't the short line to arguing before the Supreme Court. But as opposed to my previous gig which boiled down to constant emergency management, this is almost serene. The phones don't ring and nothing is an emergency, instead a slow and steady grind towards a set goal. They brief you, sometimes an hour or sometimes fifteen minutes, then turn you loose with the stuff. It can get intense at times, and the clients make adjustments when they figure out stuff from the data we discover, but all in all it's a very good atmosphere.

Time consuming though.

Slowing down my writing and other projects. But then it is coming. And by "it", I mean the future. I'm meeting other lawyers and hopefully building a few ties that lead to important introductions later. You never know who knows who in Atlanta. In the interim, I am reading cases, learning about aspects of the law I didn't know about and just generally getting back into the swing of things after a virtual hibernation. Well, probably not really virtual, but you get the gist. And because this job is project based, I get breaks where I can pursue other things or just handle side business. I feel so good about this, I mean the good vibes even made the check engine light turn off in my car. (Still getting it checked though.)

I'm having to get used to the idea of not knowing where the road goes exactly.  True cowboy living so to speak.

Have I given up on my dreams? Not a chance. Serious Men adapt, they disassemble and reconstitute with new tools to tackle old problems.

And I am a Serious Man

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