Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bar Chatter

Bar Chatter #33
Sometimes it's not enough for a it's just bar chatter.  
Sometimes you just need to get away....

I should have been a police investigator.

I say such an odd statement because apparently I have that face, that kind that says you can talk to me, I'm listening, interested and concerned. It's great when I'm actually trying to learn someone but then, out of nowhere people I don't even know tell me all kinds of things. I mean stuff that I wouldn't think you talk about casually, sometimes not even in the dark in impolite company, much less to a middle aged black dude you'd met three minutes prior. Oh, the things I've heard.

I believe I have mentioned this phenomena before, but since I've been hibernating the past few years I hadn't noticed it lately. Well I noticed again, and it is...well, I don't want to say aggravating, but it is troublesome. Because I'm polite, and I know that everyone is fighting their own battle, I try to take the time to let them spill. For some I think it even helps, just the talking. But I keep wondering when someone is going to impart unto me something people take to their grave as though they were sharing who won the game. That's when this thing I do is gonna get me trouble. 

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