Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ummm, I was, er, supposed to...

Ramblings Post #287
There are moments when the world slows down and we can reach out with our fingertips to touch the fabric of reality. Every thought and every action is crystal clear and purposeful. Everything has meaning and depth. We are the masters of the universe. This is not that moment. 

I've been out of it.

This chicken plucking schedule has me so off my body clock, so off kilter, so off the grid that I didn't even fill out a bracket this year. I'd printed out a bracket and filled in a few first round games, but left it for later because my mind was fuzzy with other things. The whole week has been odd. Even stranger, no one in my office even mentioned the games. Not once all week. The games weren't on at lunch in the break room. Now that I remember it, Tosh.0 was playing. No office pool, no predictions, nothing.

Now I'm not a devoted fan of college basketball by any stretch of the imagination. I have buddies who can tell you what high school someone played at, offensive schemes, player tendencies and shooting percentages for multiple teams. I just like a good game, and underdog story, both of which the tourney is chock full of. I like a lot of people watch for the sport, not because I have a team.  

But to work in an office full of guys who don't watch any sports? Not any of them? What in the world is really going on? What strange land is this?

Barkeep. A Redbull smoothie with a shot of Tequila, and bag of Doritos.

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