Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Things I meant to comment on...

Ramblings Post #286
It's the winter months, and normally I would be cocooned up in the crib fizzed out on the latest video game, playing each night after work staying warm and saving money. Think about it, ONE sixty dollar game, two months of enjoyment. I'm not a stay up three days and finish it kinda guy. I savor the experience. Only this year has been different. Damn Chicken plucking. So many half started posts. So to catch up...

Jon Stewart’s departure

Seventeen years is a long time. I like Jon Stewart. He embodies just the right amount of serious and sarcasm to look like a newscaster but possess the correct amount of outrage at the absurdity he has to report to be tragically funny. I remember there was a host of the Daily Show before him, but that’s like reminding folks that Jack Paar hosted the Tonight Show before Johnny Carson. Of course many of you have no idea who I’m talking about because to you Jay Leno has always been the guy. Man I’m old.

In any case, the tone of the show is the host. Had John Oliver or Larry Wilmore not gotten their own shows, I would have nominated either one. There has some push for Jessica Williams to be named the host, but at this point in her career, I don’t think she’s seasoned enough yet. Three more years, sure, but right now, I haven’t see it.  And since they can’t put the show on hold for three years to wait….


I watched the first episode. That’s it. It’s a phenomenon and being accorded all kind of press because unlike a lot of shows, the numbers keep going up and up. And if the gifs from Tumblr are to be believed, it has some great one liners.  I just was thrown because it pasted the disease issue on the front of the story (seemingly copying one of favorite shows, Kelsey Grammer’s turn in Boss) and it doesn’t really add anything to the story. Although I usually hate writing that stuffs a story early, establishing multiple story lines separately instead of growing them from a single event, the story presented was more than enough. Why tack on a disease? What if the show makes to past his diagnosed life span? Does he come back as a ghost? I'm just saying.

Please note I didn’t watch because I thought it was bad, I’m just usually not into over the top soap opera type drama. 


Did not watch. Seriously, did you think they'd give it to Selma? Seriously?

Cold Weather/MARTA

Damn Atlanta is cold. Way too cold. You especially feel it in the morning when you’ve just missed the MARTA train and you were on the escalator to the platform but couldn’t run because you hurt your leg the week previous. It cuts through your leather jacket, and your down jacket, and it makes you think you’re getting really fat because that little fabric cap you have now seems too small. Because it’s cold. Then the next week it’s warm enough for shorts weather, then bam, it’s comforter weather cold again.

If anyone asks if climate change is real, give them the weather reports for a January in Atlanta. This just don’t make no damn sense. 

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

About damn time. I truly think this would be a lot better if say, you guys waited until I could afford to actually buy a ticket. Although at my current rate, that fight would be the basis for Grudge Match 2. This is the fight we’ve been waiting for. And it better be good. None of that first round knock out crap either. Considering how much you two are gonna screw up everyone’s May – a big party at the start AND Memorial Day at the finish – it better look like a Rocky movie come to life. If people shell out for Vegas and it ends early?

My Achilles

Apparently I hurt my Achilles. Stressed it. I would explain what happened, but it seems to a source of mirth when I tell the story, so you'll have to find me and buy me dinner to get it out of me. I'm on the mend though. Two weeks ago I could not walk at all. Now the limp is barely noticeable. Six months from now I'll be running marathons. No, I'm lying. I'll be able sitting on the couch watching a marathon going 'I could do that.' And telling myself my leg hasn't quite healed yet. Not quite.

Barkeep. I'll need a nice California Chardonnay and some of those cheeses. I'm not gonna eat it, it's for the look. 


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