Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hillary and the Server

This is a political post. 

This is a scandal? I didn’t realize that we were running that low on scandal.

So, if I got this straight, although it wasn’t illegal at the time the Secretary of State used a server setup for her husband's use. A secure server setup for use by a former President of the United States, so like another part of the government - possibly Secret Service -  if I think about it, and we’re having a hissy fit. I’m fairly certain the E-birthday card to her daughter didn’t get mixed up with her confession that she was the one who turned off the radar outside of Pearl Harbor early one morning. I'm not quite sure what her detractors are looking for, but this is not the scandal they want it to be. Not even close. Like a 2, maybe. 

We live in a brand new world, and days of voluminous reams of paper correspondence are gone. A tossed off email here, a quick phone call there are what the movers and the shakers of our existence use to move and the shake. And if you’ve ever lost a connection at that particular curve in the highway or had the misfortune to try to access a government approved email system, you should sympathize with anyone who would prefer to use a system they know works. She had two wars going, a hostile other half of government and as I understand already had two iPads, or tablets or whatever it was we were all hot to have at the time. How much more stuff was she supposed to carry? (There will be no purse jokes, thanks.)

It’s not like she’s the first person to do this, see Colin Powell, Karl Rove and others including Chris Christie who have used personal email when official email is provided. I'm willing to bet those servers weren't setup for a President. Sure she handled it poorly, but I'm thinking of this as just practice. Presidency practice, although I'm not sure why she would need anymore. And I’m not sure why it matters, because the National Archives doesn’t have a set way to preserve them in the way they do documents. 

And in any case the only place this will matter is attack ads come 2016. And I don't think any of us are looking forward to that.

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