Saturday, January 3, 2015

The NEW National Championship

Ramblings Post #279
Some things always work. Basic stuff, like gravity, something hot buring you if you touch it, everything you've never tasted before tasting like chicken and that the really attractive girl has a boyfriend. Never fails. And in the south, sports work a certain way as well. And then they didn't. So I'm confused.

I would be broke right now. Like, right now.

Because if you had told me that a third string quarterback in his second or third start would lead a team that would beat Alabama, even in a scrimmage, I would have bet everything I own against it. Everything. House, car, 401k, comic books, and I just realized I don't own much else. Wow. But I'm not alone if the guys in the barbershop are any indication. To someone steeped in the dominance of Bible Belt football the very idea of Alabama losing in this situation doesn't make any sense. It tilts the universe just a little bit.

An Oregon v. Ohio State championship invalidates the entire idea of the BCS. Under the old system, neither team would have even been considered. It would a been a game between what we all assumed was the best team in college football against what we assumed was the second best. This is why I've preferred the NFL over college, in that it's selection of champions is much more rigorous, it's scheduling much less biased in filling the stands with victories over creme-puff foes. What happened to the Cardinals in the Wild Card round was what was supposed to happen to Ohio State. A third stringer against starters is supposed to do poorly. Get beat down. Worn out. That's why he's third string.

This upsetting of the apple cart, coupled with the highest rating for the bowls ever, means that not only is the BCS dead, even the wistful nostalgia for it just got kicked in the teeth. One almost wonders if TCU's whipping of Ole Miss can start the conversation for an even larger playoff bracket. I realize this means the end of a lot of fan started opinion arguments nationwide, but I think the country will survive. Heck, this year, I might even watch the game.

Barkeep, I need to order a pilsner of the Sweetwater 420, twenty buffalo wings with fries, a roast beef dip, and I'll need to reserve the end stall in your lavatory. Not going anywhere for a while.   

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