Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stuart Scott. Icon.

As a grown man, shedding tears is something that is frowned upon. You get a few passes, a few excuses, all of them linked to someone's passing. And yet this morning when I watched the tribute to Stuart Scott, a person who I only watched on television and never met, it was with more than a respectful understanding that life is unpredictable and the sadness that accompanies that. I shed a tear. To me, Stuart Scott was as much a part of ESPN as the logo and the music. I watched the NFL countdown crew say a few words, the words very emotional for a few people. I watched the games and the short kind words of each broadcast crew. And I thought I was good. But then as I listened to Rich Eisen of the NFL network imitate the man's style while going through the Bengals-Colts highlights, I couldn't help but smile, and shed another tear.

Stuart Scott didn't die. Stuart Scott lived.

Oh my brother, you were as cool as the other side of the pillow. And you shall be missed. 

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