Monday, June 16, 2014

Things I Meant to Comment On...

Ramblings Post #263
I've gone back to basics and turned a new leaf, broken out the old tools while looking at things a whole new way. Taking the traditional straight uptown. Metaphor about something I used to do and using that to make a personal transformation to improve. Making the old school the new school upgrade. The only constant is change, which comes even when we're not ready. So the only choice is to always be ready. And to have pie. So here are a few comments I haven't had time to develop, but still need to be heard.

The World Cup

I like futbol. I played as a kid, played in high school and have Football Manager 13 & 14 on my laptop. It is a beautiful game, but just isn't that American Football which I grew up on that has it's own particular set of nuances that make it just so enjoyable. Because I have other things on my plate, I really don't even have a team....because I know the USA isn't going to take it.

Oh, and if anyone from the American committee is reading this, if FIFA suddenly decides that Qatar is not suitable for the 2022 and want America to pick up the slack, tell them "You made your bed, now lie in it!" Just take a look at the finances of Brazil behind all this glitz and glamour and point FIFA and 'nem on down the road. I hear that Nigeria would love the games. One of their Princes told me.

Eric Cantor

As we used to say in the country...."Goody for you!"

I never liked the man honestly, and maybe it was because he gave off an expensive suit-plastic grin-dead behind the eyes-you mean nothing to me kinda vibe. He looked like a cutout that was just placed in the background at times. He just seemed creepy. And he was Republican! Okay, not so much the last one, but it surely didn't help.

In realistic terms, until we can determine if the folks in Virginia really are that dead set against
immigration or if the Democrats sabotaged the open primary, I can't really call this one. What this vote does show however, is that a relatively small group of folks - in this case less than 65,000 - can effectively change the course of federal policy. Oh wait, if you've ever heard the word 'lobbyist', you knew that. 


You have to look back at this point and ask yourself, was it all worth it? Unless you're one of the 'contractors' who pulled down a few hundred thousand as danger pay, the Middle East has just been one long headache. Now the Al-Qaeda spinoff/reboot/remake called ISIS is mirroring the original 2003 battles instant replay style, just when we'd taken our toys and gone home.

And since the head honcho of this new force in the region used to be US custody while we were there, how many folks will want to bet someone will say the detainees we just released will be next up to bat. Which begs the question, in a war with no standard of victory, are we to hold the prisoners of that war indefinitely?

Just out of curiosity, where are the conspiracy folks, screaming stuff about "false flag" operations to bolster the US military industrial complex? Oh, wait, those operations only happen to make us want to get rid of guns. My bad.

Online Comics

Because I'm broke, and because they're free, I read a number of online comics in the few spare moments that I have to let my mind stop working. And yes, I'm about complain about free stuff....I am feeling very entitled. If the author says he's going post updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I expect to see them on those days. Or just every Saturday? Fine. But don't say it and then not do it.

Or, say you'll do it, keep the story rolling, then you stop for a month or two....right when the story is picking up...and then wander back later. As a reader, I get a little invested in the tale, and I feel a little betrayed when every time I click through for three months I get the same page. I'm just saying.

Spurs win!

It's not that I don't respect LeBron, it's that I don't respect LeBron. Why? Because with five minutes left to play he basically sat down and had that look of 'whatever'. Yes, I understand that was a monumental hole they were in and the momentum was not on their side, but that is when champions rise. Or at least gutsy spoilers. People who turn over the table just to see the look on the other guy's face. I mean, Tracy McGrady, who Lebron is supposed be very much better than once scored 13 points in 33 seconds...against the Spurs...I'm sorry, against THESE Spurs, not just a random Spurs team. Yes, Parker, Duncan and Ginobili were all there. No, my hearty Heat bandwagoneers,, fans, champions are on the bench begging coach to put them back in because its either 'we win or go down swinging!'

My Diet...

I think I'm fat again. My face doesn't look as good as it used to in my mirror. Maybe I need a new mirror. Oh, it looks good, damned good, but it looks better with my classically defined jawline, which now is visually smudged. That or I have too much fluid in my system and just need a flush. So that's broccoli and green beans? Or grapes and peans? A natural diuretic. I gotta look some stuff up.


I haven't really seen Atlanta. I use my one day "off" per week (I be busy, man!) as advised by everyone under the sun to be out for a second on my limited budget, which is working out well. Two weeks ago - Party Boat on Lake Lanier, last weekend, House party. Both times I was home in bed by 1am. I'm not the party monster I was in the past, at the second I actually packed a change of clothes because I expected to sleep where I was. But around 11pm I realized that I probably should just head home because the whole thing was kinda slowing down, because people were headed home to their kids. So I'm also beginning to think my people aren't quite the same old crew of party monsters I remember either. Which might be a good thing.

Barkeep, I shall drink on the patio. Send a waitress with a menu and bag of Funyuns!   

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