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The Last of King Joffery

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I don't watch a whole lot of TV. Most of it is badly written, but not on purpose like say Archer. And I'm not a big fan of badly written series shows, where you have to watch every episode to know what's going on. But if it's written well, and like stays faithful to the source material, then a series show can be a thing of beauty. Like say Game of Thrones.

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Was it wrong that I cheered when Game of Thrones character King Joffery died?

The actor who played him, Jack Gleeson, deserves an Emmy and although the show doesn't qualify for it, an Oscar, for creating a character so palpably despicable. He wasn't a character you loved to hate, you just hated him. I haven't read the books, but I have read the Wikipedia synopsis so I knew what was coming. And since the showrunners have moved some things around in the line for clarity or dramatic purposes, I actually thought they might save the King's Wedding until the second to last episode or something. But seeing it start, I suddenly ran to the kitchen get snacks so I wouldn't have to move again, and prayed it wouldn't be a two part episode.  

Is it wrong I want to watch the episode again, just to watch him die again?

Although it would have been fascinating to watch the reign of King Joffery before he inevitably strangled his queen, or had her beheaded for looking at him funny or sighing too loudly or something, this seems to be more fitting. Karma wise. That and I hate stories where the villains, and make no mistake I see the Lannisters as the bad guys of this tale, get so absurdly powerful that the writer has to create something so ridiculously implausible for the hero to accomplish to balance out the tale. That both sides have ups and downs, that the smaller side players affect the story (WARNING: this link may spoil the story for you) feels more organic.

There is a bunch more story to tell. This all happened in book three of the "theoretical" seven part series, and with most of the principals of the first few seasons dead, you have wonder where all this going.

Don't mind me. Just going back to watch the episode again. For um, you know what, I just want to see that damned character die again!

Barkeep. Let me get some of the good good.   

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