Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!!

My cousin called yesterday to invite me to Church this morning. I intended to go, but the five more minutes turned into ten more minutes turned it as long as I'm up see where this is going. So I need to apologize, or at least explain to my cousin, why I didn't make it. It's a nice church too.


My Easter dinner this year will be rice and gravy (I had to go buy these), early peas (I had to buy this too) and some cubed steak like mom used to make (they only sell this in family packs). I've got a sweet potato to candie and will wash this old fashioned meal down with some new school Crystal Light. Yes, it's like super-sizing it and ordering a diet Coke, but it's a holiday. I find it both odd and refreshing I had to buy all this food because the food I do have is much healthier than this mess. Of course my other cousin who is South Carolina, and with whom I formerly could share defensive lineman duties, now claims to be down to a 38 waistline and shrinking, so I need some even healthier food than what I have. And it's back to the gym, on regular schedule this time.

I'm thinking this spring, provided it ever actually gets here, is time for some personal refreshing. I'm getting stale, feeling sluggish and starting to enjoy clicking links on the internet just a bit too much. The TV tropes site alone...ugh. It's for research for my writing, stuff to try avoid, but you get on a tangent so easily over there.

And yes, I realize I haven't finished the last personal update - law school, new career, etc, - but, why wait? I'm relatively young and still semi-good looking. In the right light. If you're not looking directly at me. It's a stop waiting for the moment, make the moment kind of thing. Bing bang boom.

Barkeep, it's all milk and cookies. It's a holiday.

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