Saturday, January 11, 2014

More News from Elsewhere

Somewhere in Mongolia, atop a hillside over looking the Tuul River and what by now should a representation of his army laid before him, stands a statue of one of the greatest conquers of all time. No, not the guy who started McDonalds, the guy who ruled over half the known world in the 13th century? Ruled an empire that stretched from modern day Korea to the Black Sea in Europe? You know, the guy they named the Star Trek villain after? Genghis Khan.

He's pretty big in Mongolia.

After flying into Genghis Khan International Airport (spelled Chinggis Khaan, but you know) and
taking a moment to refresh or stopping to grab some "made in Mongolia" merchandise, you're just a hop skip and jump down the road from the statute. It's not somewhere, I made that up, it's 60 kilometers east of the capital, just north of the airport. But, don't fill up at the local Taco Bell, because the vistor center in the base has traditional horse meat and potatoes to sample and a billiard room because..., um, because reasons. The statute is done, but I'm not sure about the few thousand traditional yurts which are supposed represent his camped army. It's supposed to be spectacular when it's all done.

via Flickr - Corsin Decurtins
I see things like this and wonder when it will be known to people outside Mongolia (other than myself, Mr. Decurtins and a few other internet denizens) or if I will ever have a chance to visit. A short visit, but a visit nonetheless.  I speculate that it will have to be used a challenge prop on the Amazing Race or the guys from Top Gear will have to stop by on the way to somewhere before it gets more pub than me a few other folks pointing it out on the internet.

Damn shame too.

Barkeep, whatever is they drink in Mongolia. Show some respect.  

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