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A Quick Pre-Review - The Ruckers: Southern Royalty

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Methinks that perhaps I am running out of life. Or at least interesting life. Or life worthy of writing about at the very least. Because of my stalled efforts with the State Bar of Georgia, and a certain perverse mix of perseverance and stubbornness, my life has devolved into a repetitive mix of wake, study, eat, practice test, eat, obsess about progress with aforementioned studying and practice test, and sleep. On the plus side, I do plan on adding workout to the mix. On the downside, how interesting can the gym be? 

One of their promo pics.
I don't watch reality TV, and I don't think this show isn't even out yet, but I feel compelled to comment on this because I know, or rather knew, these people. The house of my childhood is right next door to the Rucker family home, a stately manor on the outskirts of Lancaster, SC, where as wee little kids their older brother Aaron and I played in their "tree" house, never succeeded in finding a reason to get the dirt bikes unlocked and swam in their pool to get rid of the red bugs we picked up exploring the woods...the woods we explored to get red bugs just so we could get to swim in the pool. We jumped off the garage because reasons, had pine cone fights and stopped all activity to watch Spiderman at 4pm. Childhood was kinda fun, yes? 

Now to be clear, I haven't seen the Ruckers in forever, not since I ran into one of the older sisters when she was at Spelman, so this isn't an expose of any kind. I have no secrets to impart. But my mother still talks to these girls mother regularly, so I do get updates and news from time to time.

So, what to say? When I first saw the pilot/demo tape, it was called Raising the Ruckers, and the opening included the a family portrait on the beach that looked so majestic I have already stolen it in my mind. I just need to actually have some kids. The family is who they say they are, and it would be my guess that they aren't looking for fame as much as notoriety, which at least to me is substantively different.

Watching the preview one of the things I find it hardest to wrap my head around are the accents, a distinctive southern twang that solidifies that this show isn't from anywhere you've been before. I wonder had my family stayed in Lancaster, would I have sounded like that? The twang these girls have hits the ear with vibrato that demands remembering, and wonder if I'd be the same guy. People comment that I have a continental accent, meaning I sound educated, or more like the people on TV, so the perception of me is forgiving. This accent may take some getting used to in certain parts up north. 

I can surmise with confidence this however: it will probably be the least degrading reality show on
television, more akin to a feminized version of the wholesome Duck Dynasty than anything else. There may be a little drama if it's editors cut it just right, but all the girls come from a good family, and I seriously doubt Mrs. Rucker would allow them to embarrass themselves or anybody else. Having said that I now wonder how long the program will last, as drama is what makes good reality TV, and this one highly doubts the buffoonish antics that make up so much of the genre will be repeated here. 

This being what it is, I do want to wish them well. More, I hope that television doesn't damage them, as the medium has to a tendency to do, and that the family stays family. One day I'll have stop by and see how they're doing. Off season of course, when the cameras aren't there. Wait strike that. Don't want to look like an hanger-on. Maybe I'll just have my mom to tell Mrs. Rucker I said hi.

Barkeep. A round of bright red kool-aid. Because that damn stand never made a dime.

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