Monday, April 8, 2013

This game I should still not be playing (again...)

Ramblings Post #221
Things I need to stop doing: indulging in the odd snack, eating ice cream sandwiches in particular, putting off a serious exercise routine, putting off learning a foreign language or two, putting off yard work, playing Dwarf Fortress. Yes, I still play the game, because it's a challenge. It is also time consuming, aggravating, in many cases futile and in more than a few cases generally frustrating. But alas, here we go again.

I'm back to the Fortress. I need to stop playing, as a game can take hours out of the day watching the little fellas run around accomplishing nothing. I really should be reading up on Georgia Law just in case the curve lets me actually pass the Bar. I'm doing some interning now, three days a week which will teach me the actually being a lawyer part of being a lawyer, so I need to focus. But I also need stress relief, because with any new experience comes stress.

And so I play the Fortress.

I've gotten decent at it lately, learning to pick my embark sites better, becoming a Mountainhome regularly, going over the population cap, getting down to level 100 while mining. I by no stretch of the imagining would I consider myself "good" at this...too many flaws as least as I perceive them. But like a lot of things I'm not good at I persevere, until I get better. 

Things I've learned..

- Set everyone but the Miners to Mason right after you pick the spot, don't waste the points during setup.

- I don't build into cliff sides, I find a nice flat spot and dig out a channel...then surround it on with walls and gates (bridges). Then by placing fortifications on the tops of the walls, a couple of squads of archers can hold off a invasion easily.

 - Speaking of need them! I'll setup an "expendable" squad first, but then Archers. Train them for three or four years. A good set of Archers can end an invasion from battlements in the first few volleys. 

- As soon as you hit stone, start building the walls, before your dwarves have other things to do. I generally go with an inner wall, then an outer enclosure. Once I've got a thirty or more, then I start getting fancy...walls for the pastures, walls for above ground fields, etc.  

- My initial setup includes extra seeds, so I can set up two farms to start...which makes the food supply last longer.

- I start with two dogs and two cats. They breed, supplying me with dogs that later can be trained for war animals and cats which wander, and act as an early warning system for ambushes. And, if you get desperate, can be used for food.

- I generally change the first names of all the characters, it just makes it easier for me to track them. All the first characters names start with A, the second wave B, and so on.

These aren't tips for the newbie. Newbies should just concentrate on keeping folks alive. And don't forget the water.

Barkeep. I'm spending way, and I mean way way too much time on this. I need a drink. And a sandwich.

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