Thursday, April 11, 2013

And you thought YOUR number was high?

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I spent the majority of my life in the South. I've spent a minute in the a few northern states, but all it really took were a few ridiculously cold winters, ones that lasted until Mid-March or even early May, to give me the impression that I would probably be spending the rest of my life needing sunscreen a bit more than a parka. There are certain offsets, but I happen to like sweating. Okay, a few life things are in flux, and maybe cooler climes are whispering...but given my druthers, Florida sure had my skin clear. I'm just saying.

From the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma clinic website...
In Atlanta, with the morning news you get things like traffic reports, although the same places jam up with traffic everyday. So what you actually get are accident reports telling you which places that are normally a traffic jam are really and truly jammed up on that particular morning. We also get things you may not get in your city, like Airport Security times. These are estimates of how long it will take you to get through the TSA inspection at the Atlanta Airport, which on bad days can be as high as an hour or more. And like everyone we get weather, only in Atlanta, they add something a lot of places don't. In Atlanta, they also let you know the pollen count.

Thursday, April 11, and it is 8,024 particles of pollen per cubic meter of air.

Let me put that in context. According to the National Allergy Bureau (I only just found out such a thing exists!) anything above 1,500 is high. And apparently the highest count ever recorded was just over 11,000. So, you might say that we're kinda up there.  In the winter time in Wisconsin, you can make snow angels? Well in Atlanta in the spring, you can make pollen angels!

And I think I have a...something. Allergies? When I was a kid my allergies were so bad I had to learn to sneeze through my mouth so as to avoid rupturing veins in my nose due to repeated attacks. But, knock on wood, my allergies haven't been an issue for a decade. Or maybe it's a cold? Me and the common cold are mortal enemies who have done battle through symptoms more akin to the flu many times, clashing from the Horn of Tallahassee to the broad Rock of Stone Mountain. I called out sick the last two days, as my current internship involves a lot of close interaction with the public. I'm fairly certain the regular bouts of sneezing would not have been appreciated.

Is it feed a cold, starve a fever? Get your allergies coconut? Spanky said something about raw honey and cinnamon. I just want this be over.

Barkeep, let me get a Comtrex they even still sell Comtrex? That was my lick!  

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