Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A comment about Boston

Before we get started, everyone have a cookie. Think of it as a little bit of normal.

Just damn.

Normally the Boston Marathon isn't on my radar. I know what it is, and respect those who go out and do it, but in my little sphere of attention it doesn't carry the same magnitude as a Superbowl or the Masters. And I might have spent the whole day not knowing it occurred.

Except this year a friend of mine was running. We'd gone to school down in Florida together 20 years ago (man that's a long time) and back when I used to go out often, unlike now, we'd run into each other from time to time. Our social circles brushed up nicely. So when she announced that morning on Facebook she was running, accompanied by photos of her number and everything, I actually decided to look in on the race. Why? On the off chance I'd see her stumble through the frame of one of the race shots...nothing more.

She finished at three hours and forty eight minutes.

The explosions happened just under twenty minutes later.

Luckily for her, she left right after getting her time confirmed, as she had to catch a flight back to Atlanta that afternoon. Otherwise who knows. Who knows indeed.

Sometimes we get to a mindset where tragedy happens far away from us, from those we love, from those we care about, from our friends and family. Then something happens, and we learn the wall is a lot smaller than we think.

And then, if we're smart, we'll wonder why we ever forgot how small this world really is.

May those in Boston in need find comfort in the arms of friends and family. Amen. 

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