Thursday, February 28, 2013

Well that was special

Ramblings Post #214
Once I was young, handsome, in shape, and ready to take on the world. My plan is to get back to all of that real, real soon. Which means I need to get started on my time machine, because I'm getting up there. And maybe learn some plastic surgery, 'cause male model I ain't. And get directions to the gym, because I know what to do, I just don't actually do it. But world, I'm still coming for you.  

One of the problems of having GOALS instead of creating MILESTONES is that once you've reached that thing you've been working towards you find yourself flailing trying to find new purpose. Or eating ice cream sandwiches. But with a plan that has milestones, when you've conquered one part, the next beckons. It maintains the purposeful nature of your actions. Not that I went to the gym this morning like I was supposed to...but I did have a proper breakfast that included fruit.

Small steps.

Well the Georgia Bar experience. There were a couple of curve balls, but we muddled through. Well, most of us did. Well, nobody just started crying and ran from the room. Well, nobody I saw. Although there was a moment that I blanked. So, I leaned my head back, took a deep breath and took it from a different angle : meaning I turned to the last questions and started working backwards until my synapses started firing again. I got through it, and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But it was worse in some respects. I dunno.

Everyone seems to think I did fine. I am taking a line of cautious pragmatism.

Hey barkeep, I'm back. So, to start me off, how about something nice. With an umbrella in it. Hmm? 

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