Thursday, July 19, 2012

You again?

Ramblings Post #194
We all want attention. But sometimes that attention is the kind that makes the skin crawl or causes those little hairs on the back of your neck to rise. That's a less than good kind of attention. And then there is the kind you can't quite quantify. It's like you're having a party, and you're unsure if you're happy people came, or if it bothers you that they only showed up for the cake. 

Nice Things....Ah...

I get a lot of comments for this blog that immediately get erased. Why? Because first, blogger provides a fairly decent spam filter for tings that are spam and second, if the end of your vague laudatory comment that clearly shows no reading of whatever I posted was actually done there is a bundle of links to handbags or shoes or your site, it's going to be caught by the aforementioned filter. They're currently running rotation working between "love you template", "I got so much information from your site" and "that post was so good." The fake applause is so unsatisfying.

The new popular spambot hot spot is one of my Obama posts that features his name at title. I must get ten comments a day there, all ending with four or five links to whatever the guy running the bot is trying to sell. So they all get swallowed up.  I wonder if its targeted like they do regular commercials.  Interesting fact - you can tell if the television show you're watching considers you its intended audience if the commercials appeal to you. You watching a show and all the commercials are for something you hate? The powers that be have no idea you like it. Now in my case the majority of the links are for high end women's apparel - shoes, handbags, scarves, etc. So this little puppy must be "popular with the ladies."

I know the number of daily comments because for some reason, the comments section updates me every time a comment is left...I think left it set on moderate.... so my phone which gets push email updates me to my "advertising partners" efforts each time. Which gets me all excited that someone is trying to reach me! Maybe even for a job! And then I see it's just another ad push. And I am sad. 

Barkeep, a nice lemonade. Hey, do these spambot hits count towards my total

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