Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First - Make a plan

Okay, maybe this isn't the best plan. 

I stepped away for a minute, because life comes at you fast. Two months ago I had a plan, and now I'm working on a new plan. Which isn't all that unusual when you think about it. Things happen all the time - you get a flat tire, your date cancels, they are no cheese doodles on the rack, the steak isn't cooked right, your flight is overbooked, and you just deal with it. You make a new plan. That these things aren't completely out of the realm of possibility doesn't make swallowing them any easier. Especially the steak.

Sometimes the new plan is better, sometimes its not...so when you figure out which one the new plan is, you make another new plan. This cycle repeats itself...forever. It's a called life.

Screaming into the electronic darkness. That's what this was when it started. A way to tell my story where it might actually be seen as opposed to random notes on pieces of paper in boxes that will eventually be discarded. My voice...even if nobody ever heard it. Then people starting finding it. People I knew. And at first it was cool. Now I'm not so sure. Semi-anonymous screaming into the darkness is now more like an unlicensed therapy session in front of an improv audience, continually shouting out suggestions.

Not quite what I planned. But then what is?

But you keep moving. Because maybe the storm ends around the next curve. Because sitting still means you remain in the same place, even if there is no storm.  Make a plan. Stick with it. When circumstances change, adapt or die. And I'm not just talking about this meager collection of random thoughts and pearls of occasional brilliance. Occasionally you will need to stand up and go all in, but you got to pick your spots. 

Barkeep. It finally resonates what he meant. "Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run." Something fruity. Let's mix it up.

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