Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When the dark clouds gather on the horizon...

Ramblings Post #151
Sometimes the clouds look nasty and foreboding, and you turn on a old movie and get a big bowl of popcorn...or boil some peanuts... and get ready to hear the sound of rain drops, or lighting. If you're lucky, you got somebody to forget the rain with. So, like I said, me, I get a blanket and old movie. There is nothing like being bundled up when it rains. That said, this post is about football.

This past Sunday, the Cowboys spoiled my whole afternoon. I had expected to get some studying done, what with the upcoming semester finals and all. I had not gone to two or three functions making sure I had it all straight in my head - doing the flash cards, going over the hypotheticals, etc.

But, because the Cowboys had changed coaches, I felt compelled to at least watch some of the game. I tuned in and was pleasantly surprised to see them ahead. But then the 'Boys have scored more than 20 points six times this season, so it's not necessarily the offenses' fault. But as I watched, it looked like the Cowboys were playing like...like they had a pair!

So instead of watching ten minutes of the game and going on to studying in disgust, I watched the whole thing. Wrecked my whole day.

Then after class on Monday, I clicked on the Monday Night game to get the score. I swear I thought it was a graphic error, then Mike Vick hit the blue x button on his controller and did this juke move and it was 35 to nothing. [ Note: I said it before, but know had Vick played for the Cowboys, dog fighting would be legal in Texas. Arthur Blank is frustrated as hell right now] Vick's performance simply had to be mentioned.

But what remains to be seen...is if the Cowboys are the coming of a storm...or just a cloudburst.

Still waiting.

Barkeep, get me some waiting beer.

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