Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It rains in Dallas

Ramblings Post #149
And lo, in the shadow of the long history of the team wrought in the hands of he who was called Tom, a dark season arose. Heralded as champions they broke in the face of challenge, with penalty and miscue the items of their destruction. And the deluge came, wiping the smiles from the faces of those in the city of Texas. And beset with troubles and tribulations, Jerry Jones said, let there be change, and thus did fire Wade in disgust.

We can just put this cut out on sideline.

I cannot competently or unbiasedly comment on the goings on in Dallas.

I wasn't entirely comfortable with Jerry buying the team in the first place, but I guess a few Superbowl wins early in his regime mollified me as much as it did everyone else.But still.

But for decades the Cowboys had a system that worked. Then Jerry came along and quite honestly, bought his way into pro football. And since he bought the team he would run it his way. And as a man who made enough money to buy the damn team, you would think after all this time he would have figured out that he doesn't know how to run it.

As the venerable Jed Clampett once said: "You don't change horses in the middle of the stream". True that cataclysmic shift suddenly makes the team of interest again, as instead of a coach who knows the door is around the corner going through the motions but not killing himself to win, you now have somebody trying out for the job - and so every game will matter to him in the most important of ways: his future.

I hope Garrett can impart some of that urgency unto the team. Okay, maybe the playoffs are out, but right now you play for pride. Because you're a Cowboy. Because winning is fun. Because playing spoiler is even more fun.

How about them Cowboys?

Well...I'm waiting.

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