Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Second Worst Birthday Ever

Ramblings Post #108
I guess that there are moments in life that teach us lessons: Your mother knew more than you realized or, sometimes it pays more to listen than to speak, or maybe next time you'll read the instructions. Today's lesson is "Things can be replaced, people are more important". Of course I could have learned this next month, or next year, but no, I had to learn it on my birthday.

So I get the internet back on Tuesday. And I've got an item or two in the hopper for the weekend, got a major change of life scheduled to start next week, life is getting on track for once. Sure there is a rough spot or two, but if it was easy it wouldn't be worth it.

But today is my birthday, so it should all be swell, right? (I can't believe I used the word swell)

Only I'm not really feeling it. Something about the day is off. So when I pick up the phone around noon and see I have a missed call....from my alarm sense of foreboding comes to fruition. Somebody has been in my house.

They took the PS3 and my newer desktop computer, and tried to take the flat screen. Had they gotten the flat screen you would be watching the live feed from CNN of a crazed man running through the streets of Atlanta.

So today has been calling trying to get everything back to balance. I called my Mom - to avoid the you should have called me phone call later, and Spanky - because we tight like that, and my personal Contractor - who does everything else. Not in that order. Worse, I had to be out of the office, which is bad because what I do is a day to day thing, my back up was taking a day off and so the work will either be double tomorrow or triple on Monday. So I got that going for me.

I talked to Sporty who reminded me that things could be replaced and she was just glad it was stuff and not me. My uncle stopped by and promised to send my cousin and hooked me up with guy he knows who is also a contractor that could help me out today.

So I guess it about family. And prioritizing. Because in the end, this is my stuff.

I'm waiting on my contractor...and my uncle's guy, and just kinda seeing what happens.

Barkeep. The Woodford Reserve. If I'm in, let's go.

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