Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Somebody's got a Tiger in their sights

Ramblings Post #103
Sometimes, I amaze myself. Not that time I really thought I could make the jump at 13 and cracked up my bike, not that time I asked that girl to dance right before she threw up on me, or even that time I decided not take that trip and everybody who went had the time of their lives. I mean surprise myself in a good way. Hey, it happens!

A little over six months ago, I suggested on this blog Tiger Woods to get his checkbook out immediately. He had a pre-nup that promised her twenty million and I said he should be generous and double that, generous custody of the kids and all the property she wants.

Now she wants $750 million.

Who is advising him? I mean, somebody call him and tell him to call me...her folks about to have him ass up face down.

In my mind, I can't justify this. Just like Juanita Jordon never put up a jump shot, Elin never swung a club. Okay, that night she swung a club upside his head, but she never sank a putt worth a damn. But at least Juanita was there from the beginning, helping Micheal Jordan become Micheal Jordan brand, this blond chick signed on after the Tiger Train had already left the station. Considering the image he portrayed contrasted against who he really was, in reality she was essentially a hired Woods Corp employee, a rented womb. Let's be real.

Really? She had to be blond? Does he know how crazy the media gets when something happens to a blond?

Worse, some women I heard today feel she deserves it for JUST getting cheated on. I know cheating is a touchy issue, but damn! Um, there are people who get actually hurt by companies who have more resources than Tiger, who with end up with life long, debilitating, disfiguring injuries that will leave them in pain for the next 30 years, and they wouldn't get this kinda money. And she's asking for it for getting her feelings hurt? By actions that in the current day and age and modern media make her the heroic victim, and and don't diminish her, but help her personal brand. She went from doting wife to household name because of this. And she wants it all?

Kiss my ass.

Look, I could see 60 million, and them kids will never be hungry a day in their life. They'd live better than 99% of the people on this earth. Her demand is just anger and pain talking here, and it is despicable.

The real sad part is, she'll probably get most of it. And alimony. For being a "little" freaking embarrassed.

Barkeep, something cool and slippery. Hey, can you make a chocolate shake?

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