Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad Concept Redux

Ramblings Post #49
The definition of lunacy or stupidity or insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results. The problem comes in when you look at the situation and the result you thought everyone was looking for is different from the one you expected. Then it gets tricky. This was one of those tricky moments.

If you do it once and it's a bad idea, why not try it again?

Because it was a bad idea from the beginning.

Once again, in my last party of the year, the boys decided to do it all on Sunday. Okay, not the same boys as the first time, but they were in attendance, some other guys I know from New York. It took me a moment to realize the benefit of doing it on a Sunday, but I now realize the profit concept the guys are working on.

150 People. Ten bottles of liquor. You do the math.

You can't buy alcohol in Georgia on Sunday. So you have a party and require all the guys to bring a bottle to get in. Or to donate to the cause. And what they're counting on is guys donate a few dollars. I thank god that the weather was bad for most of the day, otherwise it would have been ugly. It rained off and on, and it was getting a little dark by the time the sky cleared and crowd arrived. I again reiterate the concept that apparently less people have to go to work early on a Monday than I thought. Or just don't give a fuck. There are two or three people when I see them next I will have to ask what it is they do.

And what is about the one more drink concept? When we shut the bar down at 10pm, we were faced with a circle of people hovering trying to get one more drink. And if you served one, you had to serve another, then another and so on an so forth. We kept one more up for about thirty minutes, until finally I just collected my tips under one arm and a remains of the decent liquor under the other and broke camp.

As it was I called it early this time, drove home and woke up as fully rested as I had ever been at 6am on a Monday morning. I mean rested rested. I felt good. Awake. Alive. And just because I'd woken up bright eyed and bushy tailed at that hour for the first time in a year .... as a reward to myself I curled up and tried to take my ass back to sleep.

I'm gonna need a bigger boat.

Barkeep, I'm gonna need a tall tea. Oh that sweet tea.

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