Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Quick Restaurant Review - Rose of India

It's a Monday night in Atlanta, so what do you want to do? Well Sporty claims she feels bad because we don't hang out as much as we used to and so she made it a point for us to hang out this week. She had a sport to go play (hence "sporty") but would be done around dark - don't you just love daylight savings time? - and we'd get together after that. We hadn't done Indian in a while, so I looked up spots in the area and found up on Peachtree the Rose of India.

Now, Sporty and I have been hanging out for a minute...more than a minute really. And we've eaten a lot of places. Occasionally, as we explored the cuisines that the city has the offer, we've found places that were having a slow spell. One place closed up as soon as we paid the bill. Another we thought was closed until we opened the door. And most of the Indian spots we've been to have been sparsely populated. But I don't think anyplace we've ever eaten was as empty as Rose of India on a Monday night. Us and the waitstaff. I could hear the kitchen staff playing backgammon. Us, the waitstaff and what sounded like a blend of Country and Indian music that was oddly calming.

But no matter, we came for the food and to enjoy each other's company. I'd read a good review or two, so we got the appetizers for two, she got the chicken vindaloos and me the beef buhuna. I always find Indian restaurants that serve beef a little funny. Common mis-perception. We tore into the Naan and sauces and settled in. You can say service was attentive, but when you think about it, he really didn't have anything else to do.

Sporty thought the vindaloos was good, but not hot enough (she loves the spicy). After the great reviews I was slightly disappointed that the flavor didn't zing me more as well. It was good, the appetizers and sauces especially, but not raving "you have got to eat there" good. They also had no sweet tea. Which always irks me.

After we'd eaten and paid the bill...it's not like folks were waiting for the table...we just hung out and talked about family, politics, how Indian places stay in business since they all appear empty and whatnot. She also took care not to mention him to me. Which makes me wonder, as we're supposed to be "friends", and with a "friend" you'd talk about things like that. We also made plans of what cuisines we still hadn't eaten - Korean(like where they don't even speak English), Ethiopian, and others.

Then she started doing something she doesn't do: reminisce.

As we left a car pulled up in the parking lot and for a second I just knew that these were other customers. Sporty didn't think so. It took all of ten seconds to prove Sporty was right. Awww. Quiet night for a nice spot, and that's sad. They were so nice.

Barkeep. That unsweet tea and bowl of sugar for me, mango juice for the lady.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the somewhat 1st hand restaurant reviews that you offer on the blog. You and sporty have hit up quite a # of spots. Since y'all aint an item, please tell me you don't always get the tab....

M. said...

So you'd like me to lie then? I pay, she smiles...I'm done.