Monday, March 3, 2008

A Brief History of Sport(y)

Looking back at it, as my ramblings from the dark end of the bar continue, I don't think I've covered the whole Sporty saga. So I've put together a little history lesson to put it all in context. It's all true, although I'm certain other vantage points would give other truths. To wit.. a history of sport(y)....

Sporty and I met on the job.

Okay, I got hired out of bad situation into what I thought was a better situation, certainly for more money and ended up where I'm at now. There I spot this girl, who I took an immediate liking to. Awww...Only I'm too chickenshit to talk to her. I do that with women I really's psychological. Most women I have no issue being semi-evil around, but occasionally, I'm just paralyzed. I kinda know where it comes from, long story. Anyway, the job starts getting bad, and I'm contemplating quitting, cause I just went through this same shit. Only I know if I quit, I'll never meet this chick, and I really want to meet her. Just something about her. So even though I get the opportunity to leave, I don't. I figure that I'll get it together at some point.

Sporty introduced herself to me.

So one day...out of the blue...she hits me up on the company instant messenger. Why? Seriously I don't know. At the time I was more than a little out of shape, work and life were running me ragged and even I wouldn't have been that impressed with me. Now this takes from the time I started to then, about a year. Hey, I said I was chickenshit. During this time every weekend I was out and about at house parties and clubs, and four or five nights a week getting my swagger on running the circuit like a rap star (Mon- Justin's/Havana, Tue- Bluepointe, Wed - Brio, etc and so on) but there is something about her that made me pause. So I waste a year being chickenshit.

Sporty and I went out.

So we start chatting on IM. Everyday. Long stretches where we talk about everything: life, hopes, plans, who we are etc and so on. Job is still kicking me in my ass, but I don't care. So one Friday I ask her to lunch the next day. To me lunches were cooling dates, to ask someone to dinner meant something else entirely. So we go, have a great time. And we keep chatting on the job. At the time she's like 23-24, cute as a button, great ass and thighs, even some of the straight women at work are giving her the once over, twice. I'm mid 30's not exactly a male model, so I'm not sure what the deal is. I know she's seeing other guys, one of which looks like a male model, but it's cool.

Sporty and I get in a groove.

But we kept going out. Like every week. For about two and a half years. We ate in Buckhead, Downtown, in Midtown, on the Westside, on the Eastside, in Sandy Springs. We ate at diners, we ate at pubs, we ate in high style and fell through the Waffle House. We went to the movies, we went to concerts, I bought Christmas, birthday, valentine and thinking of you presents. She got upset when I didn't show up at her events. She called when I was late to work. I took her medicine when she was sick. She encouraged me to exercise. She made me go the doctor. She made me buy better shoes. I made her Thanksgiving dinner, bought her plane tickets and watched her dog. I even thought about breaking a rule.

I spent a whole lot of time and not a second of it wasted. Let me make that clear (in case she ever sees this she needs to know) that if I had to do it all over again I would.

Love or stupidity? Don't know, don't care.

But, in the end, it seems that Sporty and I are just friends.

And that's where we are today. Sometimes God is funny. Man I wish I could get the joke.

Barkeep. You have Absinthe? Yeah, I know I'm not drinking but I'd like to forget.

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lady tee said...

See...this is why communication is important. It is important for two people to honestly and clearly communicate their desires, hopes and expectations of the relationship. If you want to be more than a friend then you need to put that out there. If the girl makes it known that she is only interested in being friends then it is unfair to yourself to continue the relationship secretly hoping she will change her mind. That is just a strange form of self torture. Acceptance is the key to happiness