Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Quick Restaurant Review - J. Christopher's

I looked back over my past few entries, and damned if I omitted...or include my write up for J. Christopher's. I breezed through a Saturday ago with Schmoopy, one of my older buddies. I don't want to give the impression I eat out a lot, but as much as I love cooking, I cannot stand the clean up. So to avoid the clean up I don't cook as much as I want to. That and my hours right now really ain't conducive to firing up the stove that often. That said, I bake a mean biscuit.

J. Christopher's for those who don't know is one of Atlanta's quirky little breakfast spots (we have a lot of those now that I think about it) that the locals fall into and eat up, then don't tell a soul, because they don't want it get so big they end up standing outside for an hour like at another little Atlanta eatery I know. The waitstaff is friendly (I once gave them one of my pens), the restaurants have some great art and the food is usually smoking.

I hadn't seen Schmoopy (who reads this blog, hey girl!) in like forever, and since then she's gotten married and everything. We were going to sit down, have a meal and just catch up.

We popped into JC's in Marietta, although I love the one on Ponce, and only had to wait five minutes for a table. The whole chain only serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. That's it. No dinner. But I've yet to walk into one that wasn't crowded, so it might be worth waking up at a decent hour on Saturday to trek down to.

She got one of their omelets, I got a pancakes with eggs and bacon and a side of bacon. I would have a much more detailed description, but it's been a few days, and don't want to lie. I will say this however....they make real good sweet tea. Yeah.

I've known Schmoopy for seven years now, we've worked together and she's one of the women who asked me to marry her. As I told her last Saturday, I probably should have taken her up on it. But that's past now, and so we talked about her business ventures (she's very ambitious) and my current dilemmas. She has joined the growing ranks of friends who believe I need to either cut back or cut out Sporty all together. Looking from the outside must be a vastly different view.

The food was great that I remember. The pancakes a little more bready than I like, but good. The eggs and potatoes cooked just about right. Schmoopy told me she was full, but couldn't stop eating the omelet. We laughed and talked and chatted and basically caught up. And although I had three other things to do that day...Walmart (ugh!), auto body shop, and Home Depot, after that meal I went home sprawled on my couch into a deep ass sleep.

This would be a sign of a good meal.

Barkeep - man, let me tell you 'bout this breakfast I had...gimme an OJ

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lady tee said...

Oh man...I remember our brunch days in seems like another life ago. JC'c sounds nice