Thursday, March 29, 2007

Here we go again

On January 8 in Glendale Arizona in the We Can Make a Whole Lotta Money College Championship Bowl as presented by Somebody who Paid a lot of Money (I really wasn't paying attention), the SEC's Florida Gators ripped the Ohio State Buckeyes a new one, beyotch slapping them up and down the field and beating the consensus #1 college football team in the country 41-14. This after some speculated that they shouldn't even be there.

(Sidenote - I'll have you know I missed what had to have been one hell of a Gator party cause I really didn't think they'd have a chance.)

Urban Meyer's trashtalking team spanked the more staid Buckeyes, starting what maybe a new rivalry in sports. Of course a new rivalry in sports is hardly a good concept, most of us prefer the old rivalry rife with stories of shenanigans that get people prison terms in today's litgious society. A NEW rivalry is concept that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. (In this story I'm the old man that the put the what where?) But I digress.

This weekend the Final Four looms, and the possibility of a rematch of the NCAA Football championship teams is a possible for the NCAA Basketball championship game. Somewhere an NCAA marketing exec has ejactulated for the third time today and it still won't go down. A final four with all one or two seeds; the Big Ten, SEC, Pac-10 and Big East fans all have a reason to tune in; and one of the semi-final games is a repeat of last year's Championship.

There he goes again.

Now that pony tailed (technically) brother and the rest of them might be about line up against Ohio State. True Florida won it last year, and became the first team to win both the Football and Basketball championships at the same time, but Ohio State was #1 in this sport too. Unlike the winter meeting though, if this happens it will be clear that the two teams that faced off should be there. All that voting foolishness aside.

NCAA attention!